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What Women Want: Dr. Rebecca Housel and Jennifer Waddell

What Do Women Want?

A_Pro Advocate Radio Photo with Jennifer Rebecca and DebIf you ask Dr. Rebecca Housel and Jennifer Waddell, our guests on this show, they will say, “Making a difference for others with our experience, and challenging our peers and audience to make better decisions…that’s what we want!” And these two women with very different perspectives do just that, and do it beautifully.

Dr. Rebecca Housel, The Pop Culture Professor, Author and Speaker

Dr. Rebecca is a treasure of art, science, enlightenment,  fantasy and humor and we are thankful to have her in our arsenal of experts and authors. Her work is known around the world and she says it like it is, including when it comes to advocating for those affected by others’ bad decisions, including when violence is used. Doc Housel is no typical “doctor” but one who reveals pop culture lessons through an intelligent and witty lens.

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Jennifer Waddell, Family Law and Parenting Advocate, My Advocate Center

Jennifer Waddell Radio Headshot_Pro Advocate RadioJennifer Waddell joined the team at My Advocate Center to help leverage her experience as a family court advocate, and as a parenting and divorce coach with our audience of professionals and family members.

Jennifer is skilled at helping people work together to resolve conflict and at helping parties in litigation be better organized and prepared so that their counsel can focus on achieving the best outcome for the family and children.

Jennifer is also a leader among advocates across the country for bringing reform to family court policy and practices, especially where children are concerned and family health and stability are at stake. To schedule time with Jennifer for coaching or consulting, contact her through

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Deb Beacham/My Advocate Center
Founder, Executive Director

My Advocate Center is building and offering solutions needed in each community, in each state in the U.S.A. and beyond. We are about improving family stability and seeing that the needs of children are met.

When families, especially single parents and children, become homeless it turns into a daily struggle to cover even their most basic needs so we are glad to feature Children’s Restoration Network and support their drive for school supplies, clothing and backpacks to help fill these voids for homeless children. As we grow and expand, we are engaging more organizations that work to prevent homelessness as well as to serve urgent and current needs in our communities.

Our work includes serving military and veteran families and children, as they often fall onto hard times during and after service, but our veterans are also a part of the solution. Positions are being created to put as many veterans and veteran family members to work as possible.

Our Professional Spotlight #onPAR serves the mission of uplifting families and children who are caught in conflict, whether it is before the breakup of a relationship, during divorce or child custody disputes, or after a legal battle when recovery and peace are needed.

Bold moves are being made to help parents understand how to better transition through & out of conflict, meaning we help reduce stress for children, and preserve family time & resources for their benefit.

Professionals who are like-minded are encouraged to connect and become a part of our Resource Directory. Please visit the Counsel for Change group page here on LinkedIn to learn more about our discussions. Our advisory panel reviews professionals to ensure certain standards are met. If you are focused on upholding ethics rules, professional duty, and are committed to helping children receive the best that both parents have to offer, let us know.

Our investigations, initiatives & strategies are also well suited to supporting government agencies in making necessary improvements to programs & services. It is important that these changes are made to better serve parents & children; but it is also possible to yield a positive economic return for each community & state.

MAC’s purpose in contributing to agencies & other organizations is to improve the divorce/child custody process in a way that leaves our communities stronger & better able to support the needs of children. We now have opportunities to lessen the impact of family violence, addiction & other dysfunction, while putting our financial resources to better use.

Connect | Inform | Empower

When it comes to guiding public policy to improve the process, and to helping parents navigate through high-conflict custody cases, no other collection of experts and resources is better positioned to give you clear and actionable insight. | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin (Deb) @DebBeachamATL