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A Father Asks to be in His Children’s Lives

A Father Explains Family Court Pitfalls; Asks for A Chance to be Involved with Kids

More and more parents like this father, Jack, are speaking out to reveal for others the potential pitfalls of our Family Law system after being trapped in unnecessary litigation. As Jack is using his experience to help others more safely navigate the legal process around family conflict, he is also working to have a second chance for a life with his children. What is holding him back?

Legal Support is the number one issue for parents like Jack, and we now know there is a major shortfall in the area of Pro Bono support in Family Law. So this show has everything to do with asking our community to pitch in. Let’s make this needed support – intervention and second chances – possible!

10470869_1607230029536991_1227770481208801366_n (1)In Jack’s world, where his children were wrongfully removed from his life, nothing made sense until he realized he just didn’t have access to the right information and resources.

So now that Jack knows the landscape, and is still focused on what his children need from him (from both parents), he is asking for the opportunity to restore balance in their lives.

He just wants to be a part of their lives and for them to know him and receive all that he has to offer as a father. That is a major focus of the work being done by Pro Advocate Radio’s title sponsor, My Advocate Center, Inc. This mission is shared by other like-minded organizations such as The Fatherless Generation Foundation and The Fatherless Daughter Project. We all agree that children need their parents in their lives, and when a parent is available, motivated and has much to offer their child – whether mother or father – they should not be denied, and the children especially should not be denied.

There is no easy or nice way to put this, as the pitfalls Jack faced when going through the family court process were caused by certain professionals seeking to prolong the litigation, turn a divorce into an unnecessary custody fight, and to drain the family financially and emotionally. It is unfortunate that this goes on, that it happens often, and is driven simply by greed, enabled by a lack of transparency and oversight, and it damages children when one parent is punitive and uses the children to harm the other.

The children suffer the most, and parents realize too late that the legal process can be dangerous in regard to staying in the lives of your children; for some, there is little to no hope of being left in a position to give their children what they need.

Best of Both Parents_My Advocate Center 2014Children need for parents to be available for them, peacefully working together.

What they need and want is the best of BOTH parents.

My Advocate Center invites law schools to study this case and to help students understand what fiduciary duty failures look like in real family law cases, and what is possible in terms of solutions this coming generation of lawyers can offer.

Professionals and anyone interested in contributing or identifying resources for parents and children who deserve the chance to be together, please visit or email

James O’Brien/Pro Advocate Radio
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Deb Beacham/My Advocate Center
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We are the Game-Changers in guiding improvements that affect the Family Law community, specifically high-conflict divorce, child custody disputes & family violence matters.

We believe that it is possible to better prepare individuals and families to resolve conflict before things take a turn for the worse, and to avoid leaving the family stripped of financial resources, valuable time and their health.

11701048_1607230216203639_1140508706385019817_n (1)Bold moves are being made to help parents understand how to better transition through & out of conflict, meaning we help reduce stress for children, and preserve family time & resources for their benefit.

Professionals who are like-minded are encouraged to connect and become a part of our Resource Directory. Please visit the Counsel for Change group page here on LinkedIn to learn more about our discussions. Our advisory panel reviews professionals to ensure certain standards are met. If you are focused on upholding ethics rules, professional duty, and are committed to helping children receive the best that both parents have to offer, let us know.

Our investigations, initiatives & strategies are also well suited to supporting government agencies in making necessary improvements to programs & services. It is important that these changes are made to better serve parents & children; but it is also possible to yield a positive economic return for each community & state.

MAC’s purpose in contributing to agencies & other organizations is to improve the divorce/child custody process in a way that leaves our communities stronger & better able to support the needs of children. We now have opportunities to lessen the impact of family violence, addiction & other dysfunction, while putting our financial resources to better use.

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