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Parenting Through Conflict

Having a chance to parent children is a blessing, but let’s face it, it also comes with more than a few challenges!

We believe, however, this is our most important “profession” or role in life if this is something we are fortunate enough to do – whether it is as a natural parent, a step-parent, a foster or adoptive parent, or as an aunt, uncle or grandparent serving as the lead caregiver and mentor of a child.

As a lead sponsor, My Advocate Center focuses heavily on supporting parents so they can better serve the needs of children, protecting them, being available for them and keeping them stable and healthy.

With this in mind we will delve into the challenges faced by so many parents and advocates for children, focusing on solutions to growing problems such as when faced with addiction, separation or divorce, or during a financial crisis. Don’t wait unless a crisis is fully upon you – – get informed!